We are a family owned and run business, dedicated to producing best quality and wholesome products, with the least amount of artificial additives at the most affordable price. Pure wholesome goodness for our family and yours.



Purity Bakery is owned and operated by the Chang Family. As a family owned and operated business, it is our intention to bring the same level of product excellence and customer service that Purity has so proudly built over the past fifty years.

We want shoppers to be confident in the products they buy and to ensure this, our Bakers use only the finest quality ingredients, some of which are ground fresh at our own bakery. High quality control standards are a top priority with Purity. When you pull a Purity product off the shelf, you can be satisfied in knowing that you are making a wholesome choice.

Purity also places great importance in its employees’ happiness and well being. Through educational programs, we are furthering the minds and abilities of our valued employees. We are rapidly getting involved in other programs that will also assist in making their lives better and benefiting the community as a whole. Purity wants to be known, not only for its great products, but for the greatness it brings to the community.

Purity Bakery aims to keep putting smiles on the faces of everyone who savours our breads and buns. Filling tummies around the world with healthy, tasty products is what we are passionate about and is the basis for our proud heritage. A heritage that provides pure wholesome goodness.