With over 50 years of traditional family recipes, Purity uses the best available ingredients to provide the healthier choice for the entire family. Not just big on healthy living, Purity promises quality products made from wholesome recipes that taste good. Purity aims to establish itself as the healthier alternative and become the household name for reasonably priced healthy products, which the entire family can enjoy. From the casual eater to the health conscious consumer, the Purity line of products presents the better alternative.Using traditional recipes, created with love, Miss Birdie delivers tasty, savoury and premium products that bring joy to those who choose to indulge. Personifying what is good and unique about the Jamaican grandmother, Miss Birdie encourages all to be kind, give love and always show respect. Furthermore, Miss Birdie maintains traditional standards of simple living, and a belief that we are each our brother’s keeper, and with simple acts of kindness we can spread the love that makes us all genuinely good people.
Demonstrating the promise of delivering products that not only taste good but is good for your health, the Hearty Goodness line uses the best ingredients to achieve this. With products such as the 100% Whole Wheat Bread, the Sugar Free Bun and the Wheat Bun, the Hearty Goodness line caters to those who are really concerned about the products they consume, who need to maintain a healthy diet for medical reasons or who genuinely want to see to their personal health in a more dedicated way. It furthers the mission of producing pure wholesome goodness from our ovens to your homes.