At Purity Bakery, our commitment to improving our country as well as the world around us is an integral part of our business strategies and is linked directly to our company values.

Healthy Lifestyles

We seek to make a difference every day by promoting the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a well balanced diet, as well as frequent physical activity.We have been proudly delivering our wholesome and delicious breads to the areas all around Jamaica since 1957.


In terms of our products, we try to offer a mix of nutritious and deliciously indulgent products for every occasion. In recent years we have been innovators in the marketplace by introducing new products with added benefits. This has included Special Bran breads, products with whole grains and extra fiber, products with phytosterols for cholesterol reduction, as well as products containing Omega 3 for cardiovascular health.

We have also introduced products with less than 100 calories per serving, including our fabulous Sandwich Thins, which help consumers keep track of their caloric intake. Current initiatives under implementation include producing only 0g trans fat products and developing products with less sodium and more whole grains.

People Practices

In order to meet our global strategy of attracting, developing, and retaining the best people in the industry, we will provide opportunities for our employees to grow their skills and maximize their career goals. We strive for a diverse workforce that reflects the areas in which we are located, and operate with a commitment to fair treatment of all employees, complying with local employment laws and customs.

Giving Back to Our Communities

Giving back is a great way to create community connections as well as foster camaraderie and teamwork. Inside our facility we have an opportunity to offer health, welfare, and educational improvement opportunities to our employee community. Outside the facility we have the opportunity to give time, talent, and support to the local, parishes, country and global communities.

Expanded Product Offerings

Our business requires insight into current and future nutritional and product trends driven by consumer tastes, industry needs, and societal demands. We have an opportunity to utilize this insight to create enhanced product offerings and increased awareness of natural ingredient and clean label options.

Environmental Practices 

We continually look for ways to implement sustainable practices in our bakery facilities. Our goal is to develop consistent measures of effectiveness for environmental programs in each area of the world where we operate. We will communicate these results to enhance best practices in each facility and celebrate successful progress.

Sourcing Practices

We want to do business with vendors and service providers who share our philosophies and values. We will work to develop sustainable sources of supply to minimize impacts on land and resources. We will strive for a diverse supplier base which reflects the communities in which we do business.

Partner Practices

As we deploy goals and tactics in the Social Responsibility (SR) arena, we have a unique opportunity to partner with customers, vendors, and outside organizations to share best practices, collaborate on SR planning, and deploy joint initiatives where practical and beneficial to our Global Social Responsibility goals and the relationships.