Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica Ltd, under its Miss Birdie brand, is proud to report the recent partnership with The Jamaica Fire Brigade. In an attempt to recognize their gallant efforts in fighting the recent Riverton Fire, Miss Birdie donated 276 bus to the fire-fighters who were directly involved with resolving the dilemma.

“We are pleased to offer this donation to the Jamaica Fire Brigade,” Shantayaé Grant, Marketing Officer of Consolidated Bakeries shared. “The brand promise of Miss Birdie is to ‘Share the Love’ and to be able to personify the brand presence in such a manner is indeed, a blessing for us. It’s our way of thanking them for their efforts.”

Acting Senior Deputy Superintendent, Mr. Patrick Gooden, also commented on the donation and the newly formed relationship.

“We want to take the opportunity to say thanks,” Gooden lauded. “The staff was very grateful of the donation and we [the Jamaica Fire Brigade] want to continue the relationship and hope that it can develop into something even more meaningful.”

Consolidated Bakeries takes this forum to officially endorse the efforts of the Jamaica Fire Brigade in relation to the Riverton fire and future efforts.

Miss Birdie "FireMen" Ad

For further information, please contact:

Shantayaé Grant

Marketing Officer- Consolidated Bakeries Ltd