Purity Brings In Consultant To Improve Plant Operations

purityConsolidated Bakeries Jamaica Limited, which trades as Purity, has been working with a consultant to improve its manufacturing processes.

Rene Gauthier, who has 30 years’ experience in the bakery market, was hired shortly after Purity’s mid-November public share offering to raise J$97m of equity on the stock market.

“It has always been my goal to change our processes and improve the quality and efficiency, and Rene is here to do just that, along with his recommendations,” said Plant Manager Javier Salazar.

Gauthier, who is from Canada, is said to be skilled in the analysis of production methods and procedures, as well as equipment selection and equipment layout.

He made his first trip to Jamaica in early December to look at the existing plant on Valentine Drive in Kingston.

“The first goal was to evaluate the equipment, naturally. The other big point was to analyse the process and make the process uniform so we can improve quality total,” said Gauthier. “Then I am to help them develop new product, and I will look at all their formulations to see if there are any cost-savings there. I also looked at their process looking at how to do cost-saving. We’ve already discussed a pretty big one on energy.”

Gauthier said over time he will also be recommending what pieces of equipment need to be changed.

“I still believe the equipment they have is capable of doing things, but long term you have to pick and choose which pieces to move,” he told Wednesday Business.


He is also addressing knowledge of the workings of the machines to ensure their optimum performance, and will next address consistency in production.

“From there, we have to evaluate how the improvements have affected the product and then, maybe, we have to do a little change to make sure we don’t deviate too much from the customer product,” Gauthier said.

Purity’s managing director, Anthony Chang, said his company is focussed on lower overheads and a higher-standard product.

“There are a lot of plans for the future, including attaining cleaner labels and, overall, providing affordable nutritious products to all Jamaicans,” said Chang.

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