purityOver 50 years ago the Purity baking tradition began in Jamaica. Today the Chang Family continues that proud tradition by providing families with a wide variety of breads and buns that are sure to please everyone.

From our Miss Birdie Bun and Hearty Goodness bread line to our very popular snack buns, Purity Bakery is proud of the smiles we put on peoples faces and the healthy bread we provide. Our bakers use fresh ingredients and the timleless recipes that made Purity a healthy Jamaican Favorite.

Our Products, under the brands of Purity, Miss Birdie and Hearty Goodness are baked at Consolidated Bakeries at 2 f Valentine Drive in Kingston. We have been at this location since 1957. Our facilities include our Retail shop, our Head Office, Baking Plant and Maintenance Department.

Our plant reflects our strong commitment in operating at a high standard of efficiency to produce baked goods according to the Jamaica Bureau of Standards. Our Retail shop in Kingston is situated at the front of our baking facilities. It is stocked and restocked with products directly from the plant to meet the needs of the customers who prefers to shop here for home or to have a snack for lunch.

The maintenance department is responsible for servicing of our vehicles, maintaining our machines and also ensuring the safety and the beauty of the grounds of our bakery. Our Head Office houses all the departments such as Sales, Accounting and Human Resources and Management Teams that are responsible for the day to day operations of Purity Bakery.