oldIn 1957, three bakeries merged: Valentine Bakery, owned by the Chang Family, Powell’s Bakery, owned by the Powell Family and Huntington, owned by the Seivright Family. The new company, now called Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica Limited, opened the doors of a new factory at the foot of Red Hills, where the tradition of baking goods of pure wholesome goodness began.
At that time, an annual Band Concert with the Jamaica Military Band was a family oriented event with balloons and live music from guest singers in our Community. This was held on our grand front lawn with the Bird Bath.

As we look back upon that time, there are many stories to tell. There were the horse drawn carts making home deliveries of Krispy Krust, Hardough bread, Brown Bread, Sandwich Bread, Sharry Anne cakes, Nancy Mae cakes and Bonnie Joy Cookies.

Black cakes and fruit cakes were decorated into elaborate three-tier wedding cakes on a sterling silver base. For birthdays and special occasions with choices of vanilla or chocolate, cakes were baked and personalized in the Pastry Department. On busy Novembers, Christmas Cakes were ordered, wrapped and shipped by Purity to North America and United Kingdom destinations.

And, who can forget our Front Shop with its circular driveway that we shared with the neighbourhood vendors of Jerk Chicken on a weekend night. Inside the double glass doors, one could smell the fresh bread on the shelves.

Many things have changed but the tradition of baking fine products have remained. Consolidated Bakeries is now owned by the Chang Family, where the stories of the past remain an honoured part of our history.

We are very proud to be a family owned and family run business. Our emphasis of pure wholesome goodness continues with the use of fine ingredients that allow all our products to be enjoyed and savoured island wide and worldwide.

Miss Birdie and the Hearty Goodness brand lines have joined our traditional Purity products, which are now distributed island wide. These brand lines, with their attractive packaging, nutritional values and excellence in taste have made a successful entry into the Jamaican market place.

  • Our Distributors have taken our Easter Buns: Purity and Miss Birdie buns to cities in Canada, USA and UK.
  • Our buns, with their moist taste, are renowned and extremely popular in Jamaica and in the overseas market. We are proud to be the “bun of choice” for many consumers.
  • Our Pastry Department bakes a varied assortment of popular goods that are only sold in our Retail shops.