Purity’s Rebranding

In 2001, Purity Bakeries took the decision to reorient the branding of its products into two main brands: Purity and Wonder. Each brand to have its own individual characteristics and personality. A decision was also taken to rebuild its image and while the Company was in the process of rebranding, it was decided that the image building and rebranding would take place simultaneously. As a result, each brand has its own logo and package design which is different and unique. The corporate logo representing the Company was retained unchanged.

Purity brand represents mainly white breads for regular consumption targeting the entire family as the wholesome family brand. Purity’s brand personality represents a mother figure, someone who is dependable and always there for the family. Purity products should be seen as being versatile and affordable, modern and hip. Purity brand encompasses products such as: Ol’ time special bajan salt breads, Regular white sandwiches, Machine loaf, Large choice, Dinner rolls, Vienna loaf, Hot dog rolls, Hamburger buns and the Purity Pleasures range of different breads bimonthly. Purity’s tag line is “Baked to perfection”.

Wonder brand represents mainly brown or whole wheat breads for regular or special occasion consumption targeting those consumers who are health and diet conscious. Wonder brings to mind stability, strength and youth. Wonder’s brand personality exudes keeping fit, personal training, maintaining a sense of balance in one’s diet. Wonder brand consists of products such as: Allrounder, Fibre 6, Granary, Raisin bran loaf, Whole wheat fruit loaf, Whole wheat buns, Whole wheat bajan salt bread, 100% whole wheat sandwich, Whole wheat Vienna loaf, Whole wheat dinner rolls and whole wheat submarines. Wonder’s tag line is “The Healthy Choice”.

Purity took the opportunity to brand the front store depot “The Purity Shoppe”, the trucks were also rebranded using the Purity and the Wonder logos. The Sunshine brand has remained though with only two products under its umbrella.

It is expected that this rebranding and image building will take Purity’s brands well into the 21st Century as the market leader and trend setter on the Barbadian bread landscape. And in so doing, cement Purity’s position as “Bakers of Barbados’ Best Bread”.

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