Consolidated Bakeries helps Paint Jamaica

Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica provided support to the Paint Jamaica initiative, where inspiring murals were painted on the walls of 41 Fleet Street, Downtown Kingston beginning October 25, 2014 and ending November 9, 2014.

The company donated 30 snack packs comprising 300 Purity Whole Wheat Raisin Bread and 312 Miss Birdie Corn Crackers for the 30 members of the team for the duration of the event.

“We were impressed with the previous success of Paint Jamaica in July, and the talented artists in capturing the visions of the community and inspiring its members. We could not afford to lose the opportunity to partner with them this October,” Anthony Chang, Managing Director of Consolidated Bakeries commented.

“We recognize the importance of such a project in doing its part to uplift and inspire and must commend the organizers for their insight and dedication to see this project through.”


The Paint Jamaica project is an art and social intervention aimed at bringing positive messages into Kingston’s inner cities through art.

It was founded by Marianna Farag and “reflects the voices of the community and the talented artists in Jamaica. The objective of Paint Jamaica is to change the dialogue around talent, art and the social stigma attached to inner city communities…Transforming the visual spaces of such areas delivers a message of hope, transformation and pride.”

Fueled by the appreciation of the members of the community and especially the children who assist in painting, Farag and her team ensured that this project came to fruition through a number of efforts.

Funding, she stated, was obtained “grass-roots style and [through] crowd fund and non monetary donations from local companies, namely Consolidated Bakeries who graciously provided snacks which helped with the much needed energy kick during our paint days.”

Consolidated Bakeries officially endorses the Paint Jamaica initiative and others aimed at bringing inspiration to Jamaicans.

Loop News Service